Too many people choose between food and medications.

Decades of Conservative cuts and Liberal inaction have harmed the medical care services we count on – and Canadians are left struggling. That’s why Alistair and the NDP have a plan to:

  • Institute a national, universal, public Pharmacare program to make sure that all Canadians can access the prescription medicine they need.
  • Recruit and retain the doctors, nurses, and other health professionals Canadians need.
  • Undercut inflated prescription costs set by private companies by negotiating prices as a country.
  • Save $4.2 billion through bulk purchasing and use that money to give better coverage to all Canadians.
  • Introduce a system where you need your health card — not your credit card — at the pharmacy till.
  • Save families that currently have drug coverage an average of $550/year.
  • Save employers approximately $600 per employee with extended health benefits.

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