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Help me stop the Salish Sea from being used as an overflow parking lot for freighters!

On June 13th, 2019 I asked the Minister of Transport Mark Garneau about the abject failures of the extension of the interim protocol for southern B.C. anchorages.

The increased use of 33 bulk commercial anchorage sites off the South Coast of Vancouver Island have become a maddening frustration for many residents in the riding, which is an issue I have been pursuing with Transport Canada as Member of Parliament for several years.

I have also been calling on the Liberal Government to restore the protections the previous Conservative government gutted during their decade of mismanagement.

Last summer, I welcomed NDP MP Fin Donnelly to a town hall to discuss moving open-net fish farms from wild salmon migration routes to land-based closed-containment ones.

The health of our wild Pacific salmon and the health of our environment are extremely important to me. In the face of climate change it is now more important than ever that we do everything we can to protect our salmon for future generations.

Please be assured that I will continue to stand up for our wild Pacific salmon.

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In March 2018, I wrote a letter to the Minister of Transport highlighting my disappointment that Transport Canada had excluded elected Members of Parliament from the Oceans Protection Plan (OPP) Anchorages Initiative.

Earlier, in 2017, I wrote a letter to the Minister of Transport highlighting the concerns of coastal communities of the Cowichan-Malahat-Langford riding, stating:

“You as the Minister of Transport, have considerable authority at your disposal, and I think it is time for the federal government to step in and find a solution so that these anchorages are not used on a regular basis. “

Actions taken by my NDP colleagues and me, representing Vancouver Island’s coastal communities and residents, sparked action by the federal government. In February 2018, the Interim Anchorages Protocol was launched to reduce the impacts of large vessels at anchor outside port authorities in southern British Columbia.

However, the extension of the interim protocol for southern B.C. anchorages has been an abject failure. Not only were the anchorages established on First Nations’ traditional territory without consent or consultation, but light and noise pollution persists at all hours of the day and infractions are not being enforced by Transport Canada. These infractions must be investigated, and the findings must be made public before any further extension of the interim protocol is entertained.

Furthermore, the Government of Canada has acknowledged, along with all Members of the House of Commons, that First Nations’ rights are important and cannot be ignored.  It’s time for the government to find a solution and to stop using First Nations’ traditional and unceded territories as a parking lot for freighters.

I look forward to continuing this fight in Parliament with the same resolve that Vancouver Island’s coastal communities have demonstrated throughout my first term.



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